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Hi Year 4,

Overviews of home learning can be found on our website but work may also be set on SeeSaw and will go live everyday at 9am. There will be a message from staff everyday for you to see too.

You will need to download the SeeSaw app rather than the SeeSaw for parents app or login on a computer and use your QR code. If you require help then just contact the school or email the class teacher or queryresponse@penybrynprm.cardiff. 

There will be 3x Math and 3x Literacy work set over the week. A whole school project has been created so that if children have siblings they can follow the same topic. You can pick the activities you wish to complete and complete as many as you like. You will be sent this through seesaw but also by viewing the project tasks from the class page section or our topic section.  Please share any work you do with us on SeeSaw.

Try Reading for ten minutes every day using;

If you need any help please get in touch via SeeSaw.

Stay safe, 

Miss. Hocking

Week beginning 18.1.21- Literacy Learning from Home

Learning objective: To plan a biography

1. Choose one of the following people:

Walt Disney

Amelia Earhart

Roald Dahl 


2. Research your chosen person to find out all about them. Don’t forget important information in CHRONOLOGICAL order:


  • The 5 W’s- Who, what, where, why, when
  • When they were born
  • Childhood
  • Achievements
  • Adult life
  • Death (if not alive now)


3. Open the document: ‘Life Journey Template example.’ Draw the road into your book and fill in the boxes along the road for your famous person. Include their life events.


4. Complete the document that has been sent to you on SeeSaw ‘Biography planning page.’


Week beginning 18.1.21- Maths Learning from Home

Learning objective: To recognise and complete Venn diagrams

1. Open the document ‘Venn Diagram PPT explanation and activities for all’


2. Read through and complete the Venn diagram activities. Go as far as you can- check that you are in your learning zone, not the panic zone 😊


3. Check your SeeSaw for extension work


4. See the links below for Venn diagram games and challenges:



Venn diagram activity: IXL - Sort shapes into a Venn diagram (Year 4 maths practice)


Challenge: Venn Diagram - Multiples (


Games: venn diagrams - Topmarks Search

Literacy learning from home- Week beginning 11.1.21


Activity 1:

Learning Objective: To use chronological order

We have looked at chronological order before when we wrote ‘A day in the life of.’ If you need a little refresh, open the document ‘Chronological order re-cap.’

Write about your day from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Make it as interesting as you can, it doesn’t have to be true!

For example: I woke up this morning and I put on my invisibility coat before I went downstairs for my breakfast. I crept slowly into the cold kitchen where I hid quietly in the corner ready to scare my annoying brother.

Success Criteria:

Must: Write about your day in chronological order using past tense.

Should: Include adjectives and connectives

Could: Use direct speech


I would like it written up on paper, using your best handwriting (of course!) Don’t forget punctuation and capital letters. You know yourselves if you’ve written too little.


Activity 2:

Open the ‘Writing a biography PPT’

Read through


Open and read the ‘Mae Jemison biography.’ Using the highlight tool on Microsoft word, highlight the different features you can see in the biography.


Next: Open the document for your group. Read through the biography. Can you underline and label any features that are found?

 Bright Sparks- Captain Scott 

Clever Cookies- Mary Berry

Smarty Pants- David Walliams

Brain Boxes- Roald Dahl

Activity 3:

Choose a family member or friend. Using the biography planning page, fill in the information.



Math’s Learning From Home Week beginning 11.1.21


Learning Objective: To round numbers


Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 - Year 5 - P6 - Maths - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


A rounding game: Rocket Rounding (


See SeeSaw for assigned math’s activities 😊

Whole School Topic Week beginning 11.1.21

Literacy for learning from home, Week beginning 4.1.20

In Literacy find your GGR group work, read the ‘Talk for Writing’ piece and answer the questions provided, completing the different activities through the week!


Group 1- Meet the rhi-swano-zeb-tah

Group 2- The impossibly possible bookshop

Group 3- Journey to the jungle!

Group 4- Superheroes!



Maths for learning from home, Week beginning 4.1.20

In Year 4 we will be looking at fractions. Let’s start by looking at recognising fractions that are several parts of a whole.

Complete the work that is attached for your Math’s group!

Fractions Games: Fractions and Decimals Maths Games (

A little extra Math’s fun: Check out this Math’s game : Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica (




  • Write a diary entry about your Christmas Day
  • Write a letter to Miss Hocking explaining your wishes for 2021 in Year 4

Self Isolation Maths Work for weeks beginning 7.12.20 & 14.12.20

In Math's we have been measuring in lots of ways.

We have measured length, we have measured temperature and we have also measured angles! 


It is now time to measure weight! I know this is a little tricky when we are not in school with weighing scales so we will focus on reading how much something weighs on the scales.


If you have scales, have a go at finding things around the house and weighing them. Read the weight to the nearest g or kg. Too easy? Estimate the weight of different items and check your estimations. 


Check below to find the specific work for your Math's group!

Self-Isolation Literacy work for the weeks beginning 7.12.20 & 14.12.20


In Literacy we have been learning the different skills of writing a fantasy story.

We have explored character descriptions, setting descriptions and how important it is to use adjectives!


  1. Complete 'This or That' connectives activity. Write out the sentences and choose with connective should go in the gap.
  2. Create a story mountain for your fantasy story. I have uploaded one for you to see :) 
  3. Complete a story flow chart. (We did these in class about 'The Magician's Shop) Put your ideas for your story in, including setting, characters, dilemma. 
  4. Create a comic strip of your story before you write it. This will help you visualise your story.
  5. Write your fantasy story! 

Success Criteria:

Must: Handwriting, Capital letters, punctuation, adjectives

Should: Character descriptions

Setting descriptions

Would: Connectives & Imaginative vocabulary 




Self Isolation Topic work ideas 

We have had the most amazing time learning such a variety of subjects within our topic 'We can change the world!'

Last week we started looking at Gender equality and the impact women have had through time.


Some activities you can have a go at:


  1. Create a women's right poster
  2. Create a timeline to include when men made history v when women did. For example: The first male president/ The first female president.... When the first man went into space/When the first woman went into space. Compare the dates and write a paragraph to explain what this information shows us.
  3. Write a story with a strong female character
  4. Search how women's rights have changed throughout the years. Create a Powerpoint or Sway on your HWB account
  5. Research important women who changed the world and create character profile's for them