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My child is in a catch up programme. What does this mean?

Many children will require a little extra support at some time during their schooling. For some pupils, this may be with an academic skill such as maths or phonics. For others, this may be in their emotional well-being and ability to build relationships or with social skills.


All our intervention programmes as designed to help your child progress to the best of their ability. For nearly all pupils, an intervention that is short-term and focused will be enough to ensure they make good progress. 


All our intervention and catch-up programme are universally available to all pupils. Being part of a short-term intervention does not mean your child has Special Learning Needs or Additional Learning Needs.


If you would like more information about a specific intervention or catch-up programme please see your child's Class Teacher. Alternatively, you can speak to the Learning Support Assistant that runs the programme, which is usually stated within the letter informing you of your child's intervention group.