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Good morning everyone. It is our last official week this week and we just wanted to say that we have enjoyed teaching you all and wish we could have had more time with you. Find the last bit of planning that we would like you to do and remember to make sure that those amazing brains don't turn off over the summer.  As we say, stay safe, stay happy and we will see you all next year.



Morning everyone.  It was lovely being able to see some of you last week and we are looking forward to seeing you again.  Those that we didn't see we hope you are all well and keeping those brains ticking over.  Now,  this time of year means sports day but unfortunately we can't for obvious reasons this year.  It doesn't mean you can't do your own sports day though!  Photos on class Dojo please.  Have a great week and remember stay happy, healthy and safe.



Good morning all.  We are all looking forward to seeing some of you this week. If we don't get to then just remember we are still thinking about you and missing you, but we will see you soon. Have a lovely week and stay safe, healthy and happy.



Morning all. I hope you are all well. We are getting some great work on Dojo and its great to see all of you working so hard keeping those brains working. Please keep putting your fabulous work on as  we love seeing it.  Have a good week this week and remember the sun cream mid week as it's going to be very hot. Now remember stay safe, stay happy and we will see you all hopefully soon.


Morning everyone. Hope you are all well and healthy. We have been into school today to check how everything is and organise a few things. Bad news but unfortunately all the vegetable patch has died because we weren’t there to check and water them! Hopefully if you’ve planted any at home they are doing better. Some photographs on class dojo would be great if you have any plants or vegetables you’ve grown. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon.

Home School Activities for WB 15.06.20



Morning Reception. How lovely has it been to see some of the great work you guys have done on class Dojo. If you haven't signed up yet have a look at your emails to see the link that we have sent you. Have a good week everyone, be safe, healthy and happy and hopefully we shall see you all soon.



Morning Reception can you believe it's the first of June.   I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather if you could. It's looking like it is going to be another hot week, so remember that sun lotion if you are outside to protect your skin from burning. Now, as you know we are all missing you lots, but it would be great to see any work you have done, or even just something you are proud of achieving. If you are linked to Dojo we look forward to seeing it! Take care everyone, and we will see you soon.



Morning reception superstars. We hope you all had a good week. Now, two weeks we were talking about tadpoles and frogs. I was sent a photo of them from their pond and the frogs are all doing well. Now this week we have something a little different.  I was looking under my raspberry bushes when I noticed some tiny little eggs. I thought they were maybe eggs of a butterfly and some hungry caterpillars. I decided to look them up on the internet to make sure and you are not going to believe what they are! Well, all I can say is I think they might be a gardeners best friend. I'll give you a hint, they are red with spots and you are going to find out all about them. Stay safe, get outside and we will see you all soon. 



Morning Reception. We hope you are all well, healthy and happy. I was wondering what our vegetable patch might be looking like in school. I think that maybe the carrots might need to be thinned out and the peas might be ready to pick. Hopefully we get the chance soon to see how they are doing. Have a good week everyone, get some exercise, stay healthy, stay happy and we miss you all. 



Morning everyone in Reception.  I hope you are feeling ok and had a good week last week! Now a bit of news. The tadpoles that we were meant to have in Reception, just before we had to leave because of the virus, have been living with me. I set up a big bucket with stones, put some water in and a few special plants that live in water. Over the last few weeks they have gone from being eggs, to tiny tadpoles, to bigger tadpoles to tadpoles with arms and legs. Well yesterday they all became frogs. Fortunately I live near a neighbour who has a pond, so our frogs are now happy living in a pond eating slugs, flies and all the other things they like to eat. Now have a good week everyone. Remember be safe, be happy and get outside when you can.



Wow! How nice was the weather last week. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as you could and got up to lots of fun stuff outside. Now, this week the weather doesn't look as promising. But that doesn't mean you should just watch television all day inside! We have some fun activities for you to do this week. Enjoy doing them and like we always say try your best. If you feel full of energy but can't get outside I think Joe wicks might be your man to get you fit and healthy. Now remember, stay happy, stay healthy and keep those super brains of yours in tip top shape!




Good morning all after our Easter Holiday. Did you manage to do the easter challenges?  Did anyone get an Easter egg? Did you see the easter bunny?  We would love to be able to hear your news but unfortunately we still aren't allowed in school as we try and all stay safe from this pesky virus. I know though it won't be too long until we see you all again and can find out what you have been doing. Right, this week we have a challenge for you. We have set you work like we normally do, make sure you try your hardest and do as much as you can. But this week I also know it is going to be gorgeous weather. So make sure you get outside if you have a garden and enjoy yourself. Run around, kick a ball, make an obstacle course or just enjoy listening and looking at the birds. If you haven't got a garden make sure you get outside at some point for your daily exercise and just enjoy a nice walk. Most importantly just be happy.  We might not be in school and things might be different but it doesn't mean we have to be sad! We miss you all loads and will see you soon. Go and be awesome.



Good morning everyone in Reception. It's the start of the Easter holidays and even though it might be little different to our normal Easter holidays you still need a little bit of a break! We have however got a few things for you to do over the Easter period so have fun. Remember to stay healthy and happy and we will see you soon.

Easter Holiday Home School Activities for WB 06.04.20



Hello all of Reception. We hope you are all well and have had fun week doing the activities we planned for you.  Have you been getting your once a day exercise outside and keeping your safe distance? The weather has been lovely so we hope you have as it's really important to keep healthy, happy and also safe.


This week we have some new challenges. Remember to try as many as you can to keep your brain switched on. Maybe you could also help who you live with and maybe tidy your room or help to clean the house! Anyway, we are all really missing seeing your smiling faces and hope to see you soon. yessmiley



Hello all our brilliant children from reception class.  Mr Lee, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Davies and Miss Attfield are missing you all and wish we could be teaching you face to face. But as we can't at the moment we don't want you to forget everything you have learnt. Please check this website often for information and work that we would like you to do. Remember to try your best and do all the activities if you can. smileyyes   

Welcome to Reception!



Our teachers are Mr Lee & Mrs Morgan and our teaching assistants are Mrs Davies and Miss Attfield.


P.E Is on Monday's.


The children can bring in a healthy fruit snack, please also label this with their name to save confusion.


Please bring book bags in every day.