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BBC Bitesize 

BBC bitesize is a fantastic resource - we recommend this over everything else. You can click the specific year group - subject - aspect of learning. There are explanation videos as well as tasks to complete. 


Natural History Museum 

Try this at home activities from the Natural History museum. 



This is a brilliant space for children to enhance their education and learn new things. Each day is unique over at BrainPOP; there is a fresh topic to focus on each day, as well as the huge vault of information always on offer. 


DK Find Out 

If your children are in to facts then this is the site for you. 


Other Super Sites but you need to sign up


Teach your monster to read 

Carol Voderman's Maths Factor


Kahn Academy


Oxford Owl Reading 


Looking for Resources?


The sites below provide a wide range of activities and worksheets for children to complete. 




Primary Resources


These overviews are guidelines to where the Welsh government would ideally like the children to be at each year group. Some of it is quite confusing but it does give a good over view of expectations especially in mathematics.