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Welcome to Nursery 

Our teacher is Mrs Coates. Our nursery nurse is Mrs Lyons and our teaching assistant is Mrs Devine.


During lockdown work will be set on SeeSaw and will go live everyday at 9am.  You will need to download the SeeSaw app rather than the SeeSaw for parents app or login on a computer and use your QR code that was shared. If you do not know how to access this then please contact the school on 02920777618 or email .


There will be 3x Math and 3x Literacy work set over the week. A whole school project has been created so that if children have siblings they can follow the same topic. You can pick the activities you wish to complete and complete as many as you like.  You will be sent this through seesaw but also by clicking our topic resources link. Please share any work you do with us on SeeSaw.


Remember there are loads of lovely learning activities on   Go to the J2E section for Nursery pupils.


If you need any help please get in touch via SeeSaw. 

Mrs. Coates


When school is open please remember to bring  snack money in an envelope with your child's name on it at the beginning of every half term (£1 per week ie 7 weeks £7).  Don't forget to label all jumpers/coats etc. As the weather is getting colder can you help your child learn how  to take off and put on their own coats independently. 

Please see the planning for activities this week. Thank you for posting all your great work 

Home Learning Task Sheet - 25.01.2021


Tactile recipes

Phonic games to develop early reading skills

Cross the River

Choose a selection of objects with 2/3 phonemes (sounds) e.g. dog d-o-g; pen p-e-n,peg p-e-g; cup c-u-p,car c-ar; sock s-o-ck; coat c-oa-t etc

  • make a river across the floor ( indoor or outdoor) using chalk,rope or fabric (a tie is good)
  • lay the objects on one side of the river
  • the adult calls out the name of the object in 'sound talk' eg. p-e-g
  • your child then needs to look at all the objects and give you the correct object
  • Then allow your child to sound out the objects.


Clapping sounds 

Think of words using the letters 's,a,t,i,p,n' ( e.g sat,pin, pat, tap, pit, pip, nip) and sound them out, clapping each phoneme(sound) with your child in unison, then blend the phonemes (sounds to make the whole word orally. 

As your child's confidence develops ask your child to act as the teacher and let them demonstrate this activity to you. 

Word building 2/3 words

Using the 6 sounds - s/a/t/i/p/n make 2/3 words. 

  • lay @ 3 phonemes  ( sounds ) in front of your child and ask your child to make a 2/3 word                e.g  a/ s/t  "can you make the word s-a-t", etc
  • arrange 4 phonemes i/a/p/t "can you make the word t-a-p". etc

New starters

Still image for this video
We are so disappointed that parents and their children cannot visit our Nursery at such an important point in their lives. We have put together a brief video that shows what it looks like inside and the type of activities the children do.