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We are so disappointed that parents and their children cannot visit our Nursery at such an important point in their lives. We have put together a brief video that shows what it looks like inside and the type of activities the children do.

Week commencing 13.7.2020

Hi everyone  I know it is has been a very strange end to a school year and one none of us were expecting when we first started Nursery in September.  It has been equally  lovely to see some of you in Nursery or  to have spoken to you on the phone. The children have blossomed and I am very proud of each and everyone of them.  Whichever school your child is going to in September  I would like to wish you and your child every  happiness and success.  On behalf of the Nursery team I would like to thank you for your continued support and being part of our Nursery family. Keep in touch smiley


Summer packs are ready. There are lots of different activities for you to 'dip in and out of' e.g bug hunt, scavenger hunt, outdoor maths activities ( without realising your child is doing maths), cooking etc . I will be in school until the 17th July and if there are any queries with anything please don't hesitate to contact me - 02020 777618. 

Week beginning 6/7/2020

Hi everyone. It was lovely to see lots of you in Nursery last week. I know some more of you are joining us this week. If you are not please do not worry and we will hopefully all see each other again soon. Also, just to let you know I will be giving you a courteous phone call.  

We are busy getting your Summer packs ready. There are lots of different activities included in the packs from making a musical instrument out of junk  to a bug hunt etc. The  packs will be ready to collect from school the last week of term (week commencing - 13th July) . If you have drawn or painted a picture I would love to see it. Be happy and stay safe. smiley

Week beginning 29.06.20

Well it certainly was a hot one last week.  Hope you have had a nice week.

Week beginning 22.06.20

Morning Nursery we hope you are safe and well. It looks as if the weather is going to be hot this week so don't forget to put on your sun cream and wear a hat. Don't forget to post any pictures either on twitter or if you want on the friends of PYB facebook page so we see what fun things you are doing at home. We will see some of you next week in Nursery and are looking forward to it. smiley


Week Commencing 15.6.2020


Hi Nursery my 'Little Super Stars'. It was lovely to chat to your mums and dads last week and it is great to hear that you are all doing great. Just remember that all the teachers are thinking about you lots and hope you are staying safe and well. I have put on the planning for you to maybe go on a scavenger hunt outside if possible but if not you can do it inside.  If you have an older sibling they may want to join in with you. Hope you are all enjoying listening to stories. Hopefully, we will see you soon. 


Morning everyone . We hope you are all safe and well. We are having lovely weather at the moment and hopefully you are able to get outside for a little exercise. 

Here is an experiment you can do with an adult of the importance of why we need soap to wash our hand .

Easter Holidays 

Egg Race - each member of your family has to decorate a hard boiled egg and then have a race against each other's egg. .  Whose egg came 1st ? Use a ramp at different heights to see if this makes a difference to how fast/far  your eggs go . 

Get an adult to hide eggs in the house/garden . Play ' am I warm/cold? ' . You have to ask your mum/dad if you are warm or cold?  ( in finding the egg) when they say ' you are boiling' , you are very very close to an egg . Etc 

Remember stay safe and all the teachers are thinking of you all always  . 😍

Hi everyone all the Nursery Teachers hope you are well and are looking after yourselves. We miss you all so much.

We hope you are enjoying the activities but remember mums and dads they are there to support your child's learning. We appreciate that this is an extraordinary way of learning for your child and they probably don't really understand  at the moment why they can't come to school and see their friends.

It is important to remember that children learn best through direct, first hand experiences, for a young child to understand what  it is they are doing and the reasons why. Every child will learn and develop Literacy and Mathematical skills at his/her own pace. You as parents play an important role in helping to support and develop these skills They will need lots of opportunities to develop, practice and consolidate their skills and plenty of praise and encouragement for their efforts. I have posted up to 10 weeks of activities . Week 6/7 introduces numbers 11-20, counting in 10s. Please do not move your child on too quickly it is better for your child to understand numbers 1-10 'inside out ' and to revisit a specific activity several times than to introduce a new skill. Lots of the skills are repeated but the activities are different. Some days your child may only want to listen to a story which is great.  Good luck and remember you are doing a fantastic job.  smiley


Nursery Home Learning 

Welcome to Nursery!





Friday 20th March  - Please Note

Hello everyone, all the teachers at Nursery hope you are all keeping well.  In Nursery a lot of our activities are practical and we rarely use worksheets however, due to the circumstances today we have made :-

1- number booklets

2- pre- writing booklets

3 - letter formation booklets

These will be ready by 10.30am this morning please come to the Nursery gate and a member of staff wil pass them to you

Thank you 


This term our theme is 'Welcome to School'.


Our teacher is Mrs Coates.

Our nursery nurse is Mrs Lyons and our teaching assistant is Mrs Devine.


Please remember to bring £1 snack money every Monday.

Don't forget to label all jumpers/coats etc.


Remember there are loads of lovely learning activities on

All pupils have been provided with login details.  Go to the J2E section for Nursery pupils.




Tactile recipes

Phonic games to develop early reading skills

Cross the River

Choose a selection of objects with 2/3 phonemes (sounds) e.g. dog d-o-g; pen p-e-n,peg p-e-g; cup c-u-p,car c-ar; sock s-o-ck; coat c-oa-t etc

  • make a river across the floor ( indoor or outdoor) using chalk,rope or fabric (a tie is good)
  • lay the objects on one side of the river
  • the adult calls out the name of the object in 'sound talk' eg. p-e-g
  • your child then needs to look at all the objects and give you the correct object
  • Then allow your child to sound out the objects.


Clapping sounds 

Think of words using the letters 's,a,t,i,p,n' ( e.g sat,pin, pat, tap, pit, pip, nip) and sound them out, clapping each phoneme(sound) with your child in unison, then blend the phonemes (sounds to make the whole word orally. 

As your child's confidence develops ask your child to act as the teacher and let them demonstrate this activity to you. 

Word building 2/3 words

Using the 6 sounds - s/a/t/i/p/n make 2/3 words. 

  • lay @ 3 phonemes  ( sounds ) in front of your child and ask your child to make a 2/3 word                e.g  a/ s/t  "can you make the word s-a-t", etc
  • arrange 4 phonemes i/a/p/t "can you make the word t-a-p". etc