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Cardiff Council Admissions Q & A session

Good morning,


I would like to inform you that Cardiff Council Admissions is trying a new strategy for engagement with parents. This is in addition to the focus groups and drop in sessions that we have already completed in schools. We will be hosting a live, online Q&A session for parents who are applying for a school place. The session will be publicly available for future reference and anyone can join on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The purpose of the session is to inform parents of their options and to help them make strategic decisions.


We will not be discussing individual cases or circumstances (in order to protect privacy concerns) nor will we discuss issues related to school development or availability of places (this is not our area of expertise). The session will be able to answer questions bilingually and there will be a moderator to ensure appropriateness of content.


In case you wish to promote this in your own network, I have attached a bilingual promo content that we have developed. Please feel free to share within your network. We would appreciate your support top get the word out.


The event will take place on Wednesday October 24th from 12 – 2pm.


The link to the online Q&A session can be found here:


Reminder that the application deadline for secondary closes on November 19th and for primary on January 7th.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need further support.


Prif Swyddog Derbyniadau / Principal Admissions Officer

Cyngor Caerdydd / Cardiff Council

Gwasanaeth Addysg / Education Service

Neuadd y Sir / County Hall