Pen-Y-Bryn Primary School

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Year 4

Our 'Viva Brazil' topic in the Spring term will start after the Christmas period.


Thank you to all parents who provided their child with a cardboard box to help build our Tudor Houses.  Glue guns and hacksaws were used throughout and these were used safely by the whole class.


Our COOL day brought some excellent costumes, some wonderful ideas and fantastic home research.  I am looking forward to teaching the children about Brazil, or at least parts of it, and have taken their ideas on board from the COOL day to help plan activities that they would like to do.


Thanks again for all your support in the Autumn Term and I look forward to keeping you posted with developments in the Spring Term.

Pupils have learnt lots about Brazil.  During our topic, pupils have:


  • Researched the Christ the Redeemer Statue
  • Understood more about the Amazon Rainforest
  • Discussed the good and bad points of deforestation
  • Drew pictures in the style of Henri Roussaeu
  • Compared the life of a Brazilian child and their own


and to top it all, invited animals (well mini beasts, reptiles and snakes) to visit the school.  We are looking forward to telling all parents about this amazing topic.

Our final topic this year is 'Out Of This World'


This is mostly going to be about Space and the Soar System but if you have any suggestions about this topic and what we can cover, please let us know.