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Christmas Literacy Lessons

Hi Year Three!


you have worked so hard on your stories the past two weeks and the plans you did Friday were AMAZING! We'd love to still get to read your Christmas stories! Using the Christmas Story PPT, you can carry on with your story. Use the MUST, COULD and SHOULD to help you understand what to do. 

Monday- Lesson 7: Verbs and Adverbs

Tuesday: Write the beginning of your story, set the scene and introduce your characters- look at the PPT slides to help you. 

Wednesday: Write the middle of your story- something exciting needs to happen, what goes wrong?

Thursday: Write the end of your story, how does the problem get resolved? Is it a happy ending?

Friday: Ask a grown up to check your story and help you correct your punctuation, spellings and to add in some adjectives and adverbs.


Please send me your stories! We'd love to read them!


Mrs Morgan and Miss Anderson


Hi Year Three,


This week we are going to write a letter to Santa!

There is a PPT to help you for each day. Start with practicing using commas, lists and alphabetical order, then go on to writing your letter. There are different activity sheets for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- choose the one you think will challenge you.

There is a help sheet for Thursday if you need it. There is also a challenge sheet if you want to have a go! 

Take pictures of all your work and send it to us!