Pen-Y-Bryn Primary School

Where children come first



Where Pupils come first!

 At Pen y Bryn Primary, it is our goal that each of our pupils attends school regularly and on time, making the most of opportunities available to them.



A child’s success at school is likely to be affected negatively if their attendance is poor. Those who do not attend regularly may fall behind in their learning leading to feelings of frustration and unhappiness.



Every day your child has an unauthorised absence, creates a gap in their learning. The more absences, the bigger the gaps, meaning a child is less likely to achieve their full potential at end of the school year, and end of key stage (Outcome 5 at the end of year 2 and Level 4 at the end of year 6.)



Holidays in term time & fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for unauthorised absence

‘In law’ parents/carers must inform the school if they wish to apply for any form of term time holiday.Any applications should be made to the school office. The Council will continue to operate the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) scheme in line with its existing Code of Conduct. This states that parents/carers do not have an automatic right to withdraw their child from school for a holiday.


If your child’s attendance is below 98% or a previously agreed target for the previous 3 full terms prior to the request for leave school will not be able to authorise a term time holiday. 


These are the points that the cluster require schools to consider when a term-time holiday request is made:-

* Will leave at this point be detrimental to the pupil’s education?

* Will he/she miss any national tests or examinations?

* Is his/her attendance already below 98% or a previously agreed target for the previous 3 full terms prior to the request for leave?

* Is the proposed absence during the month of September or any other transition period?

* Has he/she already had holiday leave during term time this year?

* Did he/she have leave of absence during term time in the previous school year?

* Does he/she have any absences which have been recorded as unauthorised this year?


Our school attendance officer (SAO) is monitoring unauthorised absences, general attendance and also the time children arrive at school each day. Fixed penalty notices (FPNs) are being issued across Cardiff if they have continued concerns over attendance and punctuality.


Be in school - get rewarded

All children with 100% will receive an award at the end of the year decided by the school council. Last year 100% attendance won you a trip to the cinema! 

Every term children who achieve 95% or over will also take part in reward sessions.

There is also one 100% attendee from each class who will win a prize from our selection from the hall. 

Every week we review class attendances. If a class achieves 95% or over they move one step closer to the try line in our 'Rugby Pitch Attedance display'. Once a class gets over the try line they have earned the right for a reward session - pupils decide.



Every school day counts. Every lesson Counts. Every minute counts.